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Why Choose Radiance As Your Local Plumber?

How do we differ from the thousands of plumbing companies on the internet? What makes us stand out as a plumber you can trust?

We guarantee that from the moment we receive your enquiry, we will work to ensure you receive the utmost attention until the job is complete. Every enquiry is a different situation, so we treat every customer as unique and tailor our work around your request.

We guarantee to offer our full experience and knowledge in helping you pick the correct installation for your home, whether that is a heating system, boiler, bathroom suite, or shower. We can offer space saving solutions, energy saving solutions, and help with the design so it all fits neatly into your home.

Whether you require repairs to a leaking toilet or you want a brand new heating system installed, we will ensure you receive the best service.

We guarantee to leave your home as it was before work commenced, because we understand how busy people are in their daily lives. They don’t want the hassle or the time off work to clean up mess left after an installation or repair. Similarly, we can visit the premises to provide a quote outside of office hours or on weekends. You can go to work and leave our team to get the work done - no need to lose any time off work.

We provide a free professional cleaning service after installation so no mess or dust.

Our service does not stop once the job is complete. We will not disappear and leave you deal with your new system. We are at the end of the phone to help with all your potential teething problems, such as operating the new system. We will also make sure you receive all your warranties and building regulation certificates, as well as your gas safety certificate and logbook.

We are looking forward to Radiance becoming known as a company that trades on its excellent reputation. We like to build a strong relationship with our local customers via social media, answering questions and informing them of the latest offers and system upgrades. We want to become a plumbing company known for its values and honesty.

People are cautious and plumbers don’t have the greatest reputation because of the few rogues in the industry. It’s hard for people to trust sometimes, but once you discover what we can do, we guarantee you will use us again.

Radiance is a plumbing and heating company based in Wembley, with over 13 years experience in the industry. We have a team of plumbers and Gas Safe qualified engineers who provide a professional service throughout North West London.

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